Marrakech Vintage Azilal small
5600 SEK

Size: 90x175 cm

Vintage Azilal Rug 100% wool  from the Azilal province in the High Atlas Mountains. Clear geometric designs and cultural expressions chosen by the weaver at random define the older Azilal.

It is this combination of magic symbolism and minimalist utility that gives the Berber carpets their unique appeal. Each carpet carries the weaver’s desire to protect the human spirit from negative energy and shield the human body from the elements. The hints of henna, indigo, saffron and madder root dyes that make their way into the rug’s motifs and fringes have their own tale to tell. In Berber culture red represents strength and protection, blue wisdom, yellow eternity and green peace.

We ask you to have in mind that this item is vintage and therefor have stood the test of time.

You can take good care of this carpet by avoiding vacuum cleaning and instead air the carpet occasionally. If any stains, use a gentle soap and lukewarm water.